Benjamin Moore North American Designer Kit

Delta 8 THC Packaging: Pure Shenandoah


With the increasing legalization of cannabis, Pure Shenandoah was expanding their portfolio, adding Delta 8 THC products. They needed an on-brand packaging extension to distinguish high-inducing THC products from their existing CBD items.


To contrast the more pastoral, soothing color palette already used by CBD products, we pivoted the direction for Delta 8 THC packaging. Bold and edgy, dramatic distressed black contrasts bright colors—the vibrant hues for product flavors also helps to communicate the vibe of recreational THC use.
Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Packaging Design
An additional font with serifs and an inner stencil quality was added to the Delta 8 packaging. Playfully highlighting the flavor names, it helps to reinforce the vibe and effects of THC products.
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