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GDUSA American Package Design Awards 2021 Winner


A startup seed-to-sale hemp farming company was expanding into the crowded CBD business. They needed to differentiate their brand—especially at the retail level with their consumerfacing packaging.


Combine the farm’s mission of producing premium quality CBD products with their pride in continuing the Shenandoah Valley’s rich agricultural legacy to drive the creative strategy. Root the brand in the authenticity of its origins to build trust and confidence with consumers in-store and online.
Brand Strategy
Brand System
Visual Language
Tone of Voice
Packaging Design
Print Promotional Collateral
Website Design & Development

To stand out on retail shelves, we incorporated a sophisticated tone-on-tone illustration of traditional farmland with an unexpected twist of vibrant color.

bennie moore

Expanding the brand voice beyond the
packaging system, harmonious rustic imagery and carefully crafted writing reinforce Pure Shenandoah’s agricultural foundations.

bennie moore
bennie moore
bennie moore
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