Benjamin Moore North American Designer Kit

TruCustom Launch


Create a comprehensive launch campaign for Frederick Goldman’s ring customization service. Develop supporting collateral that easily explains the different ring customization levels and compels customers to engage with the service.


Elevate the TruCustom brand identity to convey the service’s high-quality jewelry design and craftsmanship. Communicate the service offering in a succinct, visual way across print and digital touchpoints with artistic ring sketches juxtaposed with completed ring photos. Simplified and sophisticated, the campaign shows jewelers how easy it is to say “I Do” to custom ring requests.

Campaign Design
Logo & Visual Language
Print Promotional Collateral
Email & Website Design
Video Production

When developing the campaign branding, we focused on elevating TruCustom so the branding translates across audiences — both jeweler & jewelry customer. From a business standpoint, we strategically positioned the service so it can be easily expanded in both markets for future growth.

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