Benjamin Moore North American Designer Kit

Designer Color Reference Set


Redesign Benjamin Moore’s Designer Reference Set to align with the look of the North American Designer Kit and hand-held Color Fan Decks to create a cohesive system of color tools.


Infuse design characteristics from Benjamin Moore’s existing color tools to create a dramatic new look for the binder set. Incorporate user research from interior design professionals, adding enhancements to improve the color reference and selection process.
System Design of Sales Tools 
Packaging Design
Benjamin Moore’s palette is composed of thousands of colors. We added a color key to the bottom of each binder spine, referencing the hues inside. This minimizes guessing, unnecessarily lifting and opening binders, getting designers to the right color faster.
bennie moore
bennie moore
Content clarity was a critical part of the reference set design architecture. From binder cover to color sample sheet, the information hierarchy was thoughtfully designed as a cohesive unit in English, Spanish, and French.
bennie moore
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